Our network is not only efficient. It also keeps the highest technical standards.

Accessbolaget provides companies in the Swedish market the opportunity to link their offices with communication solutions of at least 100 Mbps per connection. This is fully in line with the national goal: By 2020, 90 percent of both residential and corporate users should have access to 100 Mbps per second. This can only be achieved with fibre based access.

The most modern network with guaranteed bandwidth.

In addition to the network backbone connecting the city networks being fully redundant, it is also built with the most modern optical transport system (DWDM) and according to Carrier Ethernet and MEF- (Metro Ethernet Forum) standards. With the city networks’ infrastructure we can deliver modern and flexible Carrier Ethernet services with bandwidths from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.


Initially we reach almost all areas through operator-independent city networks. When you buy Ethernet services from us you buy capacity directly from the city networks. This guarantees competitive pricing, prompt responses to requests as well as fast deliveries. Since our organization is partly composed of city networks, we can act with local knowledge and speed.

Through our technical solutions, we can also take advantage of the fibre infrastructure in an efficient way: By delivering capacity solutions based on Ethernet, network operators can share the fibre infrastructure. This clever utilization of the fibre makes us uniquely cost-effective.


Our nationwide fiber optic infrastructure and technical solutions can tailor to your needs. We start from two types of basic services:
• Wave lengths between 10 and 100 Gbps.
• Capacity Services based on two different standards:
– Carrier Ethernet 2.0 according to MEF standards (at least v6.1) at the national level.
– A simpler Ethernet service, Ethernet MEDIUM, directed to our service providers’ small business market.
In the near future we will be offering Bandwidth On Demand – stretchable broadband. Previously, in the old school, you always bought symmetrical bandwidths at predefined levels. This can be done at Accessbolaget too. But we think you should only pay for the bandwidth you need on a day-to -day basis and have the possibility to increase the bandwidth when needed. For example before a scheduled videoconference.


Capacity Services are delivered on our nationwide MPLS network integrated with city networks. It includes almost all municipal – and several privately owned city networks. We hand over the traffic on one or more central location, according to your wishes, and ensure the highest availability through a fully redundant backbone. We can offer multiple SLA levels as well as redundant access connections (last mile) to ensure highest availability.
As a customer you will always get:
• One counterpart: commercially, technically and operationally
• One NOC and Service Desk interface
• Uniform contracts and SLAs and competitive fixed prices
• Standardized and cost-effective service setup.


CAPACITY Carrier Ethernet 2.0 MEF standard.

Carrier Ethernet 2.0 service, according to MEF 6.1 / 10.2, follows Swedish Local Fibre Alliance (Svenska Stadsnätsföreningen), SSNf’s technical product specification and SLAs. We offer:
• Point-to-point (Ethernet Private Line)
• Point-to-Multipoint (Ethernet Virtual Private Line)
• Guaranteed, dedicated bandwidths
• 10-1000 Mbps
• End-2-End monitoring and automated online SLA reporting per connection, which can also be made available to our customers
• Several different SLA levels, according to customer needs

Additionally, the entire infrastructure is designed and ready for future 5G mobile networks with its quality requirements regarding predictability, low constant latency and minimal packet loss.


The Ethernet MEDIUM is positioned to small and midsized companies with a need for several regional or national connections. This service also follows the SSNf's specification.
We offer:
• Point-to-point
• Point-to-Multipoint
• Both symmetric and asymmetric bandwidths (for example 10/100 Mbps, 100/1000 Mbps)
• End-2-End Monitoring
• Possibility of automatic SLA reporting
• Several different SLA levels


The backbone is built with the most modern optical transport system (DWDM). We offer wavelengths of 10-100 Gbps. Wavelengths can be ordered as:
• Point–to-point between cities
• Ring structure in the regional optical rings, for example “Mälarringen”.

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