There are now two providers with nationwide access networks. One is independent.

For a long time there has been only one provider who could offer a nationwide access network for data communications, primarily via copper. Meanwhile, the city networks throughout the country built broadband networks, made of 100 percent fiber. But they have not been accessible in a joint offer - until now.


Municipalities and their city networks play a critical role in the development of Sweden as an IT nation, and work to ensure the government's broadband goal for 2020 is reached. The city networks are responsible for the fiber roll-out to the benefit of everyone, even when return of investment will not be fulfilled in just a few years. The infrastructure must be used as efficiently as possible. That is why most of Sweden's city networks have now established both a nationwide network and a joint sales company: Accessbolaget.


On behalf of several city networks, Jan Werne and Urban Nilsson started Fiber4Sale AB in 2010. Their aim was to strengthen the city networks' position as suppliers of dark fiber, primarily for the mobile market (3G and 4G), where technology requires fiber connections all the way to the mobile tower. Continuing this work, the duo established Accessbolaget (Fiberaccessbolaget i Sverige AB) in 2014. Now to develop the market for Ethernet-based capacity services nationwide along with the city networks, all through fiber. We serve all mobile and fixed network operators in Sweden.

Public investments even further utilized.

The city networks have already made a massive investment in fiber and equipment for active communication. It is a valuable collection of local and regional infrastructures which Accessbolaget tied together in a nationwide broadband network. This enables the city networks to offer competitive services with national coverage via Accessbolaget and at the same time utilize existing investments.

Forget copper, the future is light.

Over the next 5 years, the demand for bandwidth will increase considerably, especially from nationwide companies for virtual private networks. Cloud services, data center solutions and video-based applications are driving the transition from copper-based solutions to fiber and capacity based broadband. This opens up a major new business opportunity for the city networks, but it also requires that they have one common channel to the market. That is why Accessbolaget was established.


Chairman of the Board:

Jan Werne

Jan has more than 30 years’ experience from the Internet and Telecom Business with leading positions from Nokia Data, Head of Internet & Telecom Business Group at Bay Networks, CEO and Founder at Utfors, and CEO at Tilgin.


Peter Kronbladh

Peter has more than 20 years of Internet and global telecom experience. Managerial positions in sales, bid management, technical pre-sales and project management at BT Global Services.

Service & Support:

Elin Buurman

Elin has 15-years’ experience from the Telecom-industry from Telia, Telenordia, British Telecom Holland and British Telecom Nordic. With her ten years of operational management experience within the Service & Support area, Elin has an extensive background in building, developing and managing teams within customer service and support, as well as sales support and service delivery.

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